Our Story | SOSDET

A Brand From The Streets For The Streets

Detroit clothing line “Sink or Swim Detroit” was founded in 2013 by graphic designer and character illustrator Ricky Ruff. The purpose was to encompass and promote all 3 aspects of our local culture. These aspects are streetwear, street art, and street music.

In 2013, we started out by creating hand-made stickers, stencils, and other forms of street art and then trading those with other artists around the United states.

By 2014, we officially launched with the release of our Detroit clothing line tagged "Monochrome" capsule collection. This featured our flagship Detroit t-shirt design in a black on white color scheme with vintage and distressed overlays, paying homage to the grit that is Detroit and the street art culture that inspired the brand's beginnings. Since that launch, we have been growing from strength to strength, making our name as the foremost Detroit clothing line for t-shirts

2015 saw the release of our flagship design in a new white on black colorway, which became a big hit with up and coming influencers around the city of Detroit. This year also saw the creation of the "I AM DETROIT" mixtape series which over the years have featured and been hosted by notable acts from the Detroit music scene. We also continued making Detroit t-shirts that stayed true to our philosophy of "from the streets for the streets" Detroit streetwear, street art, and street music.
During the 2016 and 2017 fashion seasons, we refrained from releasing a new capsule collection due to internal restructuring and production delays. However, the music division continued with the release of more mixtapes and compilations including "I AM DETROIT" Volumes 2 & 3.

Rebranded as SOSDET, we will be debuting in September 2018 with our first ever seasonal FW18 collection titled "Welcome to The New Detroit." Featuring our "New Classic" flagship design branded on hoodies, tees, and crew necks in 3 colorways; Distressed White/ Mute Red on Black, Distressed Black/ Mute Red on White, and Distressed White/Distressed Black on Red. Our Detroit Clothing line also will feature 3 new designs that revolve the theme of “Never Stopping and Settling.